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dont mind the temporary doubles



Disturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: Imagine Dragons by Araktugage Panic! at the Disco Stamp by Fruitily

"If you could only save me, I'm drowning in the waters of myself." - Imagine Dragons

"Everything you know will not prepare you, nothing's gonna change if you resist. Everything you've got, bring it on, we dare you, nothing could compare to this." - All Good Things

"No one should know if you bleed red or blue. You just bleed you, and I'll sit with you." - AJR

"What seems to be the matter, dear? Why do you cry and shake with fear? I've only had the best dub me insane!"
- Disturbed

"If crazy equals genius, then I'm a fucking arsonist! I'm a rocket scientist! Hey-eh-eh, hey-eh-eh, if crazy equals genius! You can set yourself on fire, but you're never gonna burn, burn, burn. You can set yourself on fire, but you're never gonna learn, learn, learn, hey-eh-eh!" - Panic! At the Disco

"I am a circus freak, caught in a cage, caught in a cage. Staring without a blink, swallow me whole, swallow me whole." - Set It Off

"Lookie here, got 'em all lined up, same bitchy girls and boys. On their hands and their knees, slither through the streets, programmed to seek and destroy, and it all adds up. Oh my my, no one's on my side, too paranoid to listen to me. You can cast me out, you can tape my mouth, but you can't get a stone to bleed, and it all adds up." - Shinedown

"And I can't stop shaking! My body's breaking down, I think I'm sick again! I need your medicine!" - Sixlight

"Everglow, you'll never know the beauty I see when you open your shadows. Everglow, you'll never know the worlds that I see in the darkness you don't show." - Starset

"I'm semi-automatic, my prayer's schizophrenic, but I'll live on, yeah I'll live on, yeah I'll live on, yeah I'll live yeah-yeah-YEAH!" - twenty one pilots

can i like, figure out what i'm doing, please?

Wor ds

70% Text

50% Text
50% Text

oofta did I just change this again

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